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International Academy of Travel
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Holiday Rep Terms & Conditions
I am aware that in order for me to successfully complete the course and receive a Certificate in Holiday Rep Studies, the following applies:
  • I must pass my Progress Tests throughout the course.
  • I must obtain 80% or above in my final  Examination.
  • The IAOT does not warrant that the course material is entirely up-dated but will use its best endeavors to ensure that the information is updated at regular intervals.
  • IAOT reserve the right to change the content, format or presentation of any of its training materials at any time, without prior notice. However this will be done only to enhance the course.
  • The writers of this course take every care to produce it as accurately as possible and is written based on the instructors knowledge and experience. However the IAOT will not assume responsibility or liability for errors or omissions.
  • I am aware that completion of this course does not guarantee me employment.
  • I am also aware that this course is under copyright and therefore I will not allow this course to be passed on to anybody else.
  • I am aware that all course fees are non refundable.
  • This course is valid for one year from date of enrollment. 
Final Examination
  • The Final Examination will be all year round at the IAOT's head office in Waterford Airport, Ireland.
  • Overseas students can take their Final Examination in their own country, providing that they arrange with a reputable college to facilitate the exam. The college must meet with the IAOT's approval and must follow the guidelines set down by the IAOT to facilitate the exam.
  • In the event that the college charge a fee to facilitate the exam the student must meet the cost associated with it.

    The Final Examination will be held under supervision and is NOT an open book examination.

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