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Ready To Check-In – Computerised Check-In, Gate Handling & Airport Passenger Services

Airlines and Handling Agents are hiring now for Airport Passenger Service Agents to check-in and boarding passengers for their flights?

This system enables your students to experience what it is really like to work as a Passenger Service Agent.

"Ready to Check-In" is based on the common functions of live check-in systems used by Airlines and Handling Agents throughout the world.

Simulated Role Play

This system allows your students check-in and board fictitious passengers. Yes.................this system resembles a live check-in and boarding system, ensuring that your role plays are realistic. Your students will learn how to handle a variety of customers i.e. deaf, blind , wheelchair bound etc.

The skills and knowledge developed from this programme will prepare your students to work as a Passenger Service Agent anywhere in the world.

  • We offer Industry Supported Qualifications
  • Students from Australia, Canary Islands, Cyprus, India, Ireland, Thailand, Middle East, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland & U.K. have enrolled on this course.
  • Click on the video below and see our students in training at our Academy.

Low Cost Site Licence for Colleges

This industry supported qualification is available to colleges/training centres throughout the world and will enable you to offer training that is realistic as it mirrors live check-in and boarding.

"Ready to check-In" will improve the quality of your training sessions as it provides students with practical experience in airport check-in and boarding. This system covers the common functions of check-in systems being used by airlines and handling agents worldwide.

Imagine having a system where your students names are on the Passenger Name List; therefore enabling them to check-in each other on the flight using their own passports.

Contact us for a live demonstration of the system and let us show you how the system will transform your practical training sessions with your students.

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