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If you are interested in working in a Travel Agency or an Airline Reservation Department, this Industry endorsed qualification will help you upgrade your CV and increase your chances of gaining employment.

These online GDS courses can be studied from anywhere in the world and will allow you turn your home computer into a simulated airline booking system. It gives you the opportunity to gain invaluable practical experience in booking flights, car rental and hotel accommodation.

Once you feel confident using one of our Global Distribution Systems, you will be very confident using a live GDS.

The system includes a a Lesson Mode and an Emulator Mode:

Lesson Mode (student friendly)

This Lesson Mode will teach you everything you will need to know on building Booking Files for your customers.

Emulator (intended for Role Playing)

The GDS Emulator is a subsystem that simulates a real GDS. It is programmed to accept GDS queries and generate GDS screen displays. As you work through the lessons, exercises, quizzes and drills, every GDS query that you submit is handled by an emulator in order to generate a realistic screen display. Every screen display appears exactly as it would on a real GDS.

With the click of a button, you can:

  • Interact with the Emulator directly.
  • Freely submit GDS queries and retrieve information
  • Check flight schedules, retrieve fares, book flights, book cars and also book hotels.
  • Look up city, airport, airline and country codes.
  • Build complete reservations and print simulated airline tickets.

Choose from one of the following Global Distribution Systems and gain a worldwide industry endorsed qualifictions:

We offer you:

  • The opportunity to develop your skills to meet the demand’s of to-days challenging market using low-cost, first class training material.
  • Comprehensive course material that is widely respected throughout the world in the Travel Industry.
  • Online training that is user friendly and is self taught tuition.
  • Upon successful completion you will be awarded a Travel Industry Qualification that is valued worldwide and will upgrade your CV immensely.
  • Our team of highly skilled qualified Travel Industry Tutors will be delighted to offer you support and guidance during your training. We care about all our students and are committed to helping you succeed!
  • Internationally recognised online training in Galileo, Amades & Worldspan GDS which can be studied from anywhere in the world. Turn your home computer into a simulated airline booking system.

Please contact us if you would like one of our travel industry career advisors to select a GDS course to suit your needs. We offer unlimited support during your training.

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