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Are you looking to improve efficiency, reduce training costs and increase revenue?

We've got you covered, as TFS LMS will help you do just that!

Upskill and Develop your Learners/Employees with our uniquely built platform that will help you create an impactful learning experience for your Learners through the following modes:

  1. Online
  2. Blended Learning
  3. Classroom

Key Features

TFSLMS delivers a top-quality user experience for Learners, Trainers, Managers and Administrators. Key features of our LMS include:

  1. Built-in sophisticated Authoring Tool and Course Design Wizard to help you create interactive online courses in minutes. No technical or graphic design experience required to create engaging and interactive content that accelerates the learning process!
  2. Create interactive exercises, quizzes, tasks, activities, surveys and exams in minutes. Set quiz & exam benchmarks.
  3. Course content can be chunked and constructed in a manner that allows for easy access.
  4. Import existing course content on an elegant interface. Upload word documents, PDF files, audio and videos.
  5. Bulk or individual registrations functions available.
  6. Deliver Virtual Training to your Learners.
  7. Create different training groups to make training management more efficient.
  8. Track and automate onboarding, compliance & employee training.
  9. Generate comprehensive and straightforward analytics reports in seconds. Monitor learners’ progress and performance with access to their records and track performance in real-time.
  10. Provide real-time feedback to your learners. Learners can upload assignments and review tutor feedback.
  11. Add instant messages to a global notice board or student forum.
  12. Automate classroom and skills assessment bookings.
  13. Create and archive learner groups and students.
  14. Allocate students to different tutor and group accounts.
  15. Issue, track and store Learner automated standard or course-specific Certificates that contain your brand.
  16. Manage QQI/Awarding Body Key Certification Dates.
  17. CRM - Manage company interactions with staff and customers.
  18. Create e-mail templates and send out group email and newsletters.
  19. Generate revenue with our easy-to-use shopping cart.
  20. Allow learners to learn anytime, anywhere. This platform is compatible with mobile devices 24/7.

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Why Partner with Us?

With 28+ years of "Working For Excellence" in the Training & Development Industry, we know what it takes to accelerate the learning process and have considered this throughout every step of development of our uniquely built LMS. Our qualifications and online software systems form an integral part of the curriculum of our college and corporate training partners in America, England, Ireland, India, Kuwait, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Our number one goal is to provide a cost-effective platform that will enhance the user experience and make life easier for everyone. Our platform helps you maximise your time by minimising repetitive tasks.

Make Your eLearning Courses Wow-Worthy!

When you use our platform, you do not need graphic design experience to create courses that stop your Learners from being bored; our built-in course creation tools take care of that!

Specially Branded For You

Our platform is designed to allow your team to create media-rich interactive training courses that accelerate the learning process. The platform is all about making life easy for managers, course designers, trainers, assessors, administration staff, and learners. Managers can assign training and track the progress of their staff in seconds.

Engage and Inspire Your Learners!

Create impactful e-learning course in minutes with our built-in easy to use sophisticated Authoring Tool or Course Design Wizard. Alternatively, create your course content using an external authoring tool, for example, Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate, and upload it into TFSLMS in seconds.

Course Design Wizard

Choose from 100’s of our editable animated or interactive templates where you can choose to change the image and text to suit your topic. Our templates are designed to help you quickly create engaging, interactive content that will inspire your Learners to learn.

Check out a selection of our Template Categories below:

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