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Terms and Conditions – Galileo Global Distribution System (GDS) CRS

Galileo Global Distribution System (GDS/CRS)

This course is internationally recognised and will help you upgrade your CV.

We offer you:

  1. Continuous ongoing advice and support as required.
  2. The opportunity to develop your skills to meet the demands of to-days challenging market.
  3. Comprehensive course material that is widely respected throughout the world.
  4. Online training that is user-friendly.

Final Examination:

Upon successful completion you will be awarded a Galileo Certificate- you must obtain 85% or above in your final online exam, along with passing your progress tests throughout the course.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The content of this course has been prepared as a guide only and is not intended to be professional advice.
  • All course fees are non-refundable; however, the consumer has from the day of their purchase, 14 days to cancel their course and be eligible for a full refund of 100% of the purchase providing they have not accessed/logged into their course.
  • The writers of this course take every care to produce it as accurately as possible and is written and designed based on the writers’ knowledge and experience.
  • I am aware that completion of this course does not guarantee me employment.
  • I am aware that my training must be completed within the 50 hour period which can be used within a six month period.
  • I am also aware that this course is under copyright and therefore I will not allow this course to pass on to anybody else, or use it as a demonstration to show or teach other people.

Licensing and Expiry:

  • This online course is licensed for use by one person, on a single computer.
  • This course may not be distributed to third parties or copied in any way.
  • This course expires after 50 hours of online time and will not be usable after this time (be sure to log off if you are not using it).
  • Extra time can be purchased at 8.00 EURO per hour (minimum hours 5).
  • Re-sit exams will attract extra fees.

I have read and accept the above conditions

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