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What brought me to IAOT was my burning wish to become cabin crew.

My course at IAOT has been a really good experience, really intense 2 weeks, however very enjoyable! I loved every single day of the course as there was always something new to learn.

What really impressed me was the enthusiasm and encouragement we received from all the staff at IAOT. They were all very keen to share their experiences.

I have just received my Golden Call telling me that I have I have been selected for a Cabin Crew position with Emirates.

Without Frances's and all the staff guidance at IAOT I feel I would not have got this opportunity.



Once again I would like to thank the International Academy of Travel and all its staff for the wonderful experience they gave me. The "Ready for Take Off" course gave a wonderful insight into the aviation and travel industry that I couldn't have got anywhere else. At the start of the course I was unsure of whether I wanted to be cabin crew or ground staff. Participating in the course made me realise that cabin crew was the job for me! I also gained skills in other areas of the industry and a vast knowledge of the life within it.

We gained brilliant practical experience such as manual check in duties, reservations and lots of activities in the mock up cabin! The staff were extremely helpful if we had any questions, they would go over the material until we understood it. During the course we were given interview tips which really boosted my confidence when it came to my own interviews. It was nice to know that all the staff had so much experience in the areas they were training us in and were so enthusiastic about teaching it to us.

I stayed in the Seafield accommodation, where a lot of the other students stayed also, and we all had a brilliant time both in class and in our free time! We sometimes studied in groups which we found helped alot for our exams. Even after the course we still keep in contact with each other which is brilliant as we all got on so well!

Doing this course really helped me in my search for employment in the aviation industry, not only from the knowledge gained, but also as the awards are so widely recognised by employers. I now work as cabin crew for an Irish based company and I am loving every minute! Having done The "Ready for Take Off" course really gave me an advantage as I was going through my Cabin Crew training!

For anyone enrolling in any of the courses I wish you all the best of luck, and to the Academy, I wish you many more successful years in business!



I am writing to you today to thank you formally for all the time and work that you have put into working with our Workforce Learning & Development team who participated in your Online Train The Trainer Course.

The level of commitment and professionalism shown by your organisation, and in particular yourself, has been quite extraordinary. It certainly has gone far above and beyond the scope of what might be expected.

The staff team (numbering over 40) who engaged with you have used adjectives such as, 'amazing', 'professional', 'positive', 'up-lifting', 'supportive', 'understanding' and 'flexible', to describe yourself.

Indeed I must say that from my perspective, I have found you to be very proactive in ensuring that everyone is fully briefing on expectation and processes, and then supported to achieve. I also thank you for your efforts in ensuring that I was kept fully informed of all progress and provided with access to all necessary IT supports via your LMS.

You have been the catalyst for a emergence of what one staff member called 'a fresh energy' within the department and I believe that we have been very fortunate in our working alliance with Training For Success and especially yourself.

Thank you again and I am sure we will communicate much more in the future.

Dr John M. Digney, BSc (Psy), MPM, MSC (Psy), NDip, APPI

National Training & Learning Development Coordinator, Tusla.

I would like to thank you for all your help, you have no idea how happy and excited I am right now, as I got a job in Cabin Crew with British Airways. The course was brilliant and you all helped me to become more confident with myself, I would not have been fit to do this without your help.

I hope you have many more successful years of business and I will keep you updated.

Thanks again for everything



In one week time I will be in working as a Cabin Crew Member. I believe that this wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t take the Diploma in International Travel Industry Studies. The interview was quiet challenging and tiring however due to the Diploma, I was very prepared and trained for these situations.

The Diploma was well structured to prepare the students both for their career and for the interviews. It helps me to improve my performance, my communication skills, my selling abilities, and my confidence; and this along with technical theory and practical. I was able to answer all questions easily and with confidence, highlighting my abilities and my preparation for this exiting but challenging career. During all the interviews I did since completing the Diploma, the interviewers all knew about the Diploma, and they were pleased to know that I have studied with the International Academy of Travel. I would recommend everyone who would like to work as a cabin crew, to take the Diploma in International Travel Industry Studies because it not only gives you a good insight of the role of a cabin crew and the training involved but it prepares the students for the interview, from grooming, communication, confidence, and performance.



I just want to thank you for giving me the amazing opportunity to complete your "Ready To Take Off" course.

It gave me a real insight into the aviation industry and allowed me to experience the buzz and energy through practical training using Waterford Airport facilities and the fantastic Mock Cabin.

All the instructors were amazing, they provided constant support and advice and you could really see that they had a passion for the Travel Industry.

Since completing the course I have applied for a Cabin Crew position with Thomson Airways based in Dublin. I felt very confident on my Assessment Day as in my training at IAOT we covered many interview scenarios and received many interview tips so I felt prepared.

I was successful in the interview and will begin training in March. I believe I would not be where I am now if I had not completed the course.

I would recommend it to anyone who has a passion for the industry and wants to upgrade their CV.

Many thanks again for all your support and encouragement.



I would like to thank you again for the fantastic course.

After a couple of month of hard work I can really say it was worth it! I always wanted to work in the travel industry, specifically in a travel agency or adventure tourism.

Last week I got a great job offer to start my carrier with. It is an entry level position combined with a month of training in Central London with a travel agency specializing in African and Latin American luxury holidays.

I have already signed the contract and can't wait to get into the job itself. The company also offer paid educational trips to Africa up to 4 times year!!!

Thank you again for your support all the way from day one to this point!



I would just like to say thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to do your "Ready for Take Off" course in February.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and I have recommended it to loads of people! Along with learning about working in the Travel and Aviation Industry, I also learned new life skills and interview techniques which I am sure will always benefit me.

I am pleased to tell you that I have passed interviews with two different airlines to be Cabin Crew and I hope to start my training soon! I have always dreamed about a career in the Aviation Industry and now my dreams are becoming reality.

I would not be where I am today only for your brilliant course and all your help and support both on the course and since I finished it. Thank you so much for everything and I will keep in touch!



I would like to thank the IAOT team for providing such valuable and well-informed courses that enable everyone who aspire to start a career in the travel industry. I am now working as a Passenger Service Agent In Dublin Airport.

I have completed successfully a Diploma in International Travel Studies as well as the CODECCO computerised check-in course on-line.I really enjoyed the courses and have learned a lot for someone who does not know too much about the travel industry. From my personal point of view I find the courses beneficial and definitely worthwhile.

The two weeks Diploma in Waterford airport was not only fun and enjoyable but I have gained useful information and skills required in the travel industry. There was definitely plenty of information that makes learning interesting. It was a fantastic experience and each day with each unit I was actually learning things and was sure that I have made a great choice. This course has improved my confidence and now I am happy with my level of skills.

Moreover, the Codeco course structure and resources was very informative and descriptive. The design of each module is of particular interest and easy to understand. I have gained essential knowledge about check-in and boarding passengers, aircraft information and also how to work efficiently as a Passenger Service Agent. I could work in my own time without taking time off, so it suited me perfectly. By completing the exercises after each module I was able to know my performance. In fact you do not need a tutor as it is self-explanatory.

I take this opportunity to recommend courses provided by IAOT to every one who has an interest in the travel industry. Could be a professional or an aspirant, the courses is likely to help you to succeed and get your dream job.

Besides, the IAOT team were very helpful and supportive. The assistance is available to help students in difficulties during and even after the course while doing your C.V or finding a job.

Once again thank you for giving me this opportunity to take this course. I am very proud with the overall result of my grades and most specially the knowledge that I have gained.



I find it hard to put my experience in the International Academy of Travel into words. There's so many words that fit the description! Amazing, fantastic, rewarding, exciting, brilliant but above all else life changing are among the many words I would use to describe my experience. Every day presented itself with positive and exciting challenges.

I just can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed the course. Every day was as exciting as the last!

Overall it was the best thing I have done in my life so far! I want to thank each and every one of you in the International Academy of Travel and I hope to see you all soon!

Kind Regards and Warm Wishes,



I would like to say thank you for everything. In July I had interview as Cabin Crew, with a Hungarian Airline. There were 55 people at this interview and 8 people got this job and I'm one from them. I'll start course end of September and I can't wait, but now I know that I got this Job because I did course in your Academy. Thanks again and I'll let u know how everything goes.



I would just like send on my greatest gratitude to you all once again for all the help during and after the course I completed with you.

Not only did the course content itself help me in choosing which area of the travel industry I wish to pursue, but also the confidence, knowledge and experience I gained helped me in being a successful candidate with Monarch Airlines.Thanks to the practical work and also interview techniques I was successful in my interview stage and will go on to train with Monarch as cabin crew.

This is a milestone in my career with Monarch and I have ALL at the academy to thank. Not only was the course content very informative, interesting and also challenging, the team exceeded in their standard of help, tuition and understanding. All together I was driven by the whole experience and I am extremely glad I did the course as I found this line of work in the travel industry is definitely for me.



Just wanted to say a big Thank You to the International Academy of Travel, I'm so glad I enrolled one of its courses. It has completely changed my life!

Even though I've been doing a Distance Learning course and never actually met any of the Instructors, I got all the possible help and support needed and never felt left out. They are just great!

I gained a lot of confidence through doing this and I can proudly say that I'm starting my new job, Cabin Crew for Virgin Atlantic, in two weeks. Anyone out there who is thinking about doing a IAOT course; Don't hesitate, just go for it. You won't regret it! Thank you so much!



I just wanted to say again thank you for all your support, help and guidance during the course and especially after. I am thrilled with my job offer of Cabin Crew and if it hadn't been for the course I wouldn't have had the knowelgle and confidence to apply or even how to approach the interview.

I highly recommend the course to anyone considering a career in travel, as I learnt more in the two weeks then a year spent in a class room!

Many Thanks Again


South Africa/Kilkenny

Thanks ever so much for all your help during the training course in Waterford from March to April. I thoroughly enjoyed working in Shannon Airport everyday was different such a buzz working with Ryanair, Continental , Delta you name it we experienced it all in Shannon Airport over the summer would do it all over again but jobs weren’t available for the winter. I am currently working as a travel consultant so am still within the industry. I may come back and do another course in the future thanks ever so much for your encouragement and help and all the best with the academy not that ye need it.



I would like to thank you for all your help in my travel industry career, since doing your course three years ago I have been fortunate enough to have experienced many aspects of the travel industry. since my return back to you in march for further two week course I'm delighted to inform you all that I'm loving working in Shannon Airport with Servisair as a Passenger Servis Agent and really just want to thank you for all your help and guidance along the way. Thanks Again.



Just a quick email to let you know that I got the job in Trailfinders! I've spend the last six years dreaming about working there and finally my dreams are coming true. Thanks so much for all your help - I couldn't have done it without you!

I completed the Diploma in International Travel Studies with the IAOT, which involved training in Gailileo, and after building up some experience in the travel industry and having travelled quite a bit myself I finally decided to apply to Trailfinders. I called your office and got advice on improving my CV, some tips for the interview and, most importantly, lots of encouragement and support. Everything about the IAOT is so job specific right from the start - I still use the information that I studied as part of the course and when I needed help creating the perfect CV you helped me achieve just that.

It gave me so much more confidence knowing that the IAOT was behind me - all the advice I was given was so precise and specific to the job I was applying for which was essential when I was preparing for the interview.

Words can't describe how grateful I am to you for everything - I think I can safely say that the best decision I ever made was to do an IAOT course.

Thanks again for everything!



I am just dropping a line to let you know I'm doing great at Cork Airport. We have just finished our 3 weeks training as passenger service agents and have started working individually as of from Monday last. I love it! It's even better than I had hoped or expected! The gang are great below and I am settling in well!

I want to express my gratitude once again, for all your training and continued support you provided for me. I want to thank you especially for your help in finding me the position at Cork. I will keep in touch to let you know how I am doing. Thanks again.



Just a quick message to thank all at the Academy Team, you have made it to be one of my most enjoyable and worthwhile experiences to date!! I am now working in Cabin Crew with Aerlingus.



I would just like to thank you for all your help and guidance during and after your course. I enjoyed every day of your course. The course guided me in the way I wanted to go in this industry and opened my eyes to many areas I hadn't really thought about. I feel with the academy course behind me that it gave me that extra confidence and determination to work within the aviation business. I was offered a position with Aerlingus as a passenger service agent.

I have and will continue to recommend your course to many people interested in the travel industry. I wish you continued success in the future and will keep you up to date with everything. Thank you very much.



I would strongly recommend the International Academy of Travel to anyone who is serious about the Airline Industry. The course provided me with a clear insight in to not only Cabin Crew but also Ground Hostess and Reservations. When applying to the Airline Industry. I felt that I was taken more seriously as a candidate, with the Academy Certificate behind me. The qualification enhanced my confidence when meeting new people and I now feel totally at ease when talking about myself. As a result of the course I have received an excellent response from my applications for employment.

I now have a position as a Cabin Crew with Qatar Airlines, situated in the Gulf. I look forward to my new life and know that I will make good friends as I did on my course in Ireland.


United Kingdom

In September I attended the International Academy of Travel in Waterford Airport for 2 weeks, the course was quiet intense and you would have never have thought you would get through it all. All the instructors were amazing, and everything felt so easy because of the way they were explaining it, and when it came to the time for us to do it, it wasn't a problem at all.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in pesuingI a career in the travel industry. When I passed the course I applied for a job with Ryanair at Dublin Airport through the Academy and got thee job. I am so grateful and thankful to the Instructors for their expertise.

Personally, I feel that if I did not do the course I would not have got the job. The Academy has very high expectations and I feel that these expectations have stood to me both with my job and every day life. The Instructors are excellent people to work and talk to. If you ever have a problem or a query that you want to ask they are always willing to help and offer advice on anything you require. I can't say enough about this course because it is absolutely fantastic and you would have to go there to experience the experience in which I had there. I wish the academy every success in the future.



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